How to Use The KV Core WordPress Plugin to Get More Leads
Jul 28, 2023

Real estate agents understand the importance of a strong online presence, especially in today’s digital age. A professional website allows agents to showcase their services, properties, and expertise. However, generating quality leads from a website can be challenging. Even more, it’s hard to keep track of leads that come in from multiple sources and follow up in a timely manner while interest is high.

That’s where the KV Core WordPress token comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using the token, how to use shortcodes to display properties, an IDX search, and an instant valuation report, and how it connects to your KV Core CRM if you’re using the platform. If you’re looking for a seamless way to generate leads from your website, that feeds directly into your database, keep reading!

First, let’s discuss the benefits of using the KV Core WordPress token for your real estate website. If you’re already using the KV Core CRM, using the token allows for seamless integration with your website. Leads captured on your website are automatically added to your CRM, allowing you to stay organized and efficient. Once someone logs in through an IDX feed on your website, the contact is automatically placed on a drip campaign that introduces you as a real estate expert and asks if there’s anything you can help the client with. Afterwards, the system begins emailing the contact similar properties to what they were searching for initially, and even follows up when the user views properties via email after not having interacted with your emails in a while. All of the user interaction is logged into your database in the KV Core contact timeline. This tracking and automation provides you with valuable user data that will help you convert more leads, and makes sure you never miss a lead that visits your website.

Secondly, the token allows you to easily display a variety of modules that were built to help you generate more leads and showcase your expertise. Easily automate the display of your active listing and sold properties so you don’t have to manually add them to your website after each new listing or closing. There’s also an intuitive IDX search with a variety of filters so consumers can easily search for properties nationwide using your IDX feed. There’s also an instant valuation report that you can utilize via QR codes on your postcards and other marketing materials that guides the homeowners to put in their information and see what their home is worth. All of these are important features for potential clients visiting your site.

To get started with the KV Core WordPress token, you’ll need to purchase it from the KV Core marketplace by logging into your backend dashboard. Once purchased, you’ll be emailed an access token and can install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site. From there, you can use shortcodes to display the features you want on your website. For example, the shortcode [kvcoreidx_listings] will display all listings by default. From there, you can add variables to display specific properties based on property type, price, area, days on market, along with many other options. If you’re looking to generate leads, the shortcode [kvcoreidx_valuation_report] will allow visitors to instantly receive a property valuation report by entering their address and contact information. Additionally, the shortcode [kvcoreidx_search] will display a customizable search form for visitors to search for properties on your site, similar to what you see overlaid on many real estate website homepage hero images.

For a comprehensive list of shortcodes, you can visit the KV Core resources below:

WordPress Plugin: Getting Started & Installation
WordPress Plugin: Setup (After Install)
WordPress Plugin: Customizing Your WP Site
WordPress Plugin: Shortcodes

It’s important to note that while the KV Core WordPress token offers many benefits for generating leads from your website, it can be complex to set up and customize. If you’re not tech-savvy, it may be worth considering hiring a professional to help you design and personalize your website. At ZP Branding & Marketing, we specialize in designing KV Core WordPress websites tailored to real estate agents. Let us handle the tech so you can focus on your business!

In conclusion, the KV Core WordPress token is an extremely valuable tool for real estate agents looking to generate leads from their websites. With seamless integration to the KV Core CRM and customizable shortcodes for displaying properties and lead generation features, the token offers a streamlined way to enhance your online presence. If you’re interested in a KV Core WordPress website but are overwhelmed by the complexity of the tech, consider reaching out to us to help you get started. Happy lead generating!

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