Displaying Specific Listing Types Using the kvCORE WordPress Plugin
computer showing real estate idx feed with specific listing types using the kv core wordpress plugin
Sep 3, 2023

Creating a captivating and effective real estate website is both an art and science. And when leveraging the power of the kvCORE WordPress Plugin, one can truly harness the potential of real estate digital marketing. But, how can one navigate the maze of shortcodes and their nuances?

Why is kvCORE Essential?

kvCORE is an incredible tool for creating lead-generating IDX feeds, valuation reports, agent rosters, and so much more. Their wordpress plugin can also be a powerful tool in creating custom lead generating websites. However, the official list of shortcodes to use with their wordpress plugin can sometimes miss out on a few gems.

Listing by Property Types – A Game Changer for SEO and User Experience

To enhance SEO, and to curate community specific pages, it’s essential to display search areas based on specific property types. For instance, if you envision a dedicated page for active single family homes in Los Angeles, it’s not as straightforward as one might think.

Your Shortcut to the Perfect Shortcode

The magic lies in tweaking the shortcode by adding “actualtypes=1” to the [kvcoreidx_display_properties area=”city|Los Angeles”].

Figuring out the exact parameters can be a bit challenging. A trick that works wonders? Set up a squeeze page on the kvCORE account backend, selecting your desired “listing type.” The URL parameters of the result page will give you the essential “actualtypes” number for your shortcode.

For example: https://www.equityunion.com/index?…&types%5B%5D=1

Extract the listing type by pinpointing the word “types” in the URL. This number is what you’ll integrate into the “actualtypes” parameter.

Here’s a handy list of designated numbers to use for listing types within the kvCORE shortcode

  • Single Family=1
  • Condos=2
  • Multi-Family=3
  • Commercial=4
  • Land=5
  • Rentals=6
  • Mobile Home=8
  • Business=9
  • Farm=12
  • Income=15
  • Commercial Lease=17
  • Lot-Land=18
  • Manufactured=20
  • Townhouses=31
  • Pending=55
  • Contingent=56
  • Coming Soon=57

How Can We Help?

Using these shortcodes allows flexibility in displaying specific listing types. However, if the kvCORE shortcodes feel a bit too complex, don’t fret! Crafting custom real estate websites is our forte.

Considering a bespoke real estate web design that truly reflects your vision? We’re just an email away. Drop us a line at zach@kvcorewebsites.com or get in touch through our contact form. Let’s bring your dream website to life!

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